Mobile devices are the most prevalent tools in the hands of a common man all over the world. Mobile phones are more accessible and practical tools today. There are much more mobile phones today - over 3 billion. Mobile is the device of the future, whether it is communication, information, education or gaming. As the devices are gaining strength, there is a simultaneous gain in scope. One of the most effective ways of spreading messages and creating awareness is by Play-n-Learn method through mobile games and mobile applications. This methodology makes learning not only exciting and engaging but helps in enhancement of knowledge and better retention of information.

Mission LightingDeCarbonatorQuiz with Polar Teddy
Mission Lighting
Polar Teddy Quiz
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Connect 2 Climate comprises of five different applications on the mobile - three mobile games involving different mindsets and psychologies of mobile users, and two mobile learning applications on climate change. The games are being deployed on low-end and low cost handsets to sophisticated high-end devices.

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Climate Change
Mobi Book
Green Energy

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