Climate Change is a major challenge to mankind affecting everyone and urgently requires a long-term global solution. It will have impacts on agriculture, coastal areas, forests and other ecosystems, species range and diversity, health, and water resources. If not slowed down, it is going to be the greatest market failure the world would have ever seen. Climate Change may lead to unexpected migration trends, disruption of distribution, workforce and global supply chains.

High-level international agreements not alone are going to stop the dangerous climate change; it needs behavioral change by individual and communities, especially with regards to their housing, transport and food consumption preferences. One of the ways to fight climate change is by getting better informed. Awareness of climate change tends to increase people's willingness to do so. People must start with themselves, check their homes and habits, and then move further to persuade family, friends, colleagues and others. The appropriate use of ICT can contribute in addressing the challenge of climate change.

"Developing sustainable habits is the best way an indiviudal can contribute to combat climate change"

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